Ride a bike in Premantura and Istria

Let’s discover together the paths to go around by bicycle. Hi, I’m Fabio and I’m a “Mountain Bike” enthusiast and for this reason our “Villa Dolce Vita” is located a stone’s throw from the “Kamenjak Park“. In Premantura and throughout Istria there are many routes even for those who prefer to ride a racing bike. […]

What to do when you arrive in Premantura.

First things to do when you arrive in Premantura for the perfect start to your holiday. Hello, welcome! It’s quite normal, as soon as you arrive in a new place you feel a little bit lost. Don’t worry, Premantura is small and it’s impossible to get lost. I truly hope I’ll be able to help […]

What to do with kids in Premantura.

Let’s find out together all the amazing activities for kids in Premantura. Hello! If you have children and you want to come on holiday to Premantura do not worry, many families with children of all ages come here on holiday. First of all you have to choose the right structure and our “Villa Dolce Vita” […]

Find out when and where to go SUP in Premantura

Premantura is ideal for those who love SUP, follow me and I will take you to discover its coast. Hi, I’m Fabio, I have been practicing this sport for several years and I enjoyed finding out when and where to go SUP in Premantura. In Italy I am part of a rescue company, I also […]

Restaurants in Premantura and its surroundings.

Discovering restaurants. Hi! I know, when you are on vacation you don’t really want to cook but usually you prefer to go to a restaurant, even if in our “Villa Dolce Vita” you will find all the tools to prepare any dish. In another blog article I have already told you about the typical dishes […]

What to eat in Premantura, Istria

What’s good to eat in Premantura? There are many restaurants where you can eat excellent fish and meat, taste good local wine, olive oil and Istrian white truffle.  Whether in the restaurants of the famous seaside resorts the first courses vary between pasta and risotto made from prawns with busara sauce, lobster and seafood; in […]