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The sea and the natural beauties of the Kamenjak Nature Park

Enjoy Kamenjak natural park

Just outside the Villa there is the Kamenjak Nature Park which offers wonderful nature trails and long kilometres of sea to discover.

The entrance on foot or by bike is free while by car it costs about 10,00/15,00 €.

The days of vacation can take you to make many different and wonderful experiences, from a visit to the most beautiful sea, to lunch or aperitif in one of the bars around the peninsula.

So much relaxation could lead you to forget to check the clock but be careful: at 21.00 the Park closes!

Must-see bays

The main attractions of the park are its pristine water coves.
The sea can be easily reached by following the signs on the trails.

The small bays are numerous and scattered along the entire coastal path and are easily accessible from the main trail.

These small beaches are not spacious, however even on the hottest days and in general in high season, you can always find a heaven of peace and relaxation.

The best-known cove is Punta Kamenjak for its huge salt-sprayed cliffs from which you can dive.

Another must-see, in the south of the peninsula, it’s the island of Porer with its fascinating lighthouse at dusk.

Punta Kamenjak

If you are a diving lover, you cannot miss this place. Crystal clear water and a respectable natural trampoline.


Rocky beach that descends gently towards the sea. They are suitable for those who love sunbathing while those traveling with small children must be very careful because they are quite slippery.

Mali Portic:

One of the very few sandy beaches of the park, set in a small cove covered with thick vegetation.


Long gravel beach with a sandy bottom that slopes gently.


Pebble beach set between two rock walls and surrounded by a grove. The seabed is quite steep, so it is not recommended for inexperienced swimmers.


Mixed beach of pebbles and high rocks from which the most daring can dive.

Explore and enjoy the territory:

Kamenjak Nature Park is a heaven on earth for hiking and mountain biking, but it can also be accessed by car.

The complete tour of the Premantura Promontory is spread over 13 km with an elevation gain of 150 meters.

The park of Kamenjak is crossed by paths and dirt roads that do not all provide the same difficulty, some are simple and more scenic routes, others, however, are a little bumpier.

Walking along the outer path allows you to enjoy a fabulous view, those who, instead, take the main road will have to go into the dirt roads that branch off from it to reach them.

The route is constantly marked by signs that mention the names of the Bays reachable both to the east and to the west, where wider dirt roads and a network of paths that cross pine forests, go up and down the low hills and run along the sea.

In the wide choice you also have the small port of Polje-Pinizule interspersed with cliffs, about thirty coves with crystal clear water around which fruit trees, wildflowers, medicinal herbs of different qualities and harmless animals and a dozen islets grow.

A nice break…

Inside the park you will find some bars where you can quench your thirst and have lunch.

  • The most impressive is the Safari Bar, at the extreme south of the peninsula, half-hidden in a lush vegetation of bamboo reeds.

    The unequivocal reference to identify it are trigonometric points about seven meters high and a former war observatory with bunkers on the highest position of the promontory, a circular concrete wall painted green, joints on which an arrow indicates the position of the precious rest stop.

  • If you are an animal lover, you may be interested in the l’Istrian Farm: a farm with donkeys, oxen, chickens, ducks and other animals.
    Here you can taste many typical dishes from meat to dry cured ham to cheese seasoned with an excellent oil.

In the surroundings of Premantura

Pola is a city overlooking the sea with its Roman Amphitheatre which is the most emblematic monument to see.
During the summer in Pola, you will find many musical evenings.
Some must-see are: the Forum, the Temple of Augustus, the Arc de Triomphe of the Sergi, the Archaeological Museum of Istria, the Church and Monastery of St. Francis, the castle, the aquarium and its pedestrian street among shops, bars and restaurants.

Other famous towns in the surroundings are Medulin with its promenade full of clubs, Fažana with its small fishing port, Vodnjan; while Rovinj, located on a hill on the sea surrounded by its walls, and Poreč are a little further away but reachable in about an hour’s drive.

If you want to walk among fields and vineyards, hop over to Sissano, a small village in the hinterland.

The Brijuni National Park with its 14 islands whose only way to access it from the mainland is by boat from the city of Pula or Fažana.

Only the largest island can be visited, nestling between the forests and surrounded by white sandy beaches.

It is also a place of history with its ruins and with the archaeological site of Veliki Brijun, where dinosaur footprints, dating back to the Cretaceous period, were discovered.