Find out when and where to go SUP in Premantura

Premantura is ideal for those who love SUP, follow me and I will take you to discover its coast.

Hi, I’m Fabio, I have been practicing this sport for several years and I enjoyed finding out when and where to go SUP in Premantura.

In Italy I am part of a rescue company, I also attended a SUP Rescue operator course. At first, when I saw people on this table in the middle of the sea, I wondered what they found so beautiful … then, once I tried it, a world opened up to me!!

If you’ve never been to SUP before, I’ll explain you some basics.

If you are already familiar, skip the first paragraphs and discover with me the most beautiful places to discover by SUP in Premantura.

Don’t have your own SUP in Premantura?

Don’t worry!

In Premantura there are various places where you can rent SUP!

Between these:

The SUP (Stand Up Paddle):

For the first few times you will need a large and thick SUP. It will help you get better balanced.

Usually can be used the inflatable SUP “Dropstitch“, this model is easy to carry because once deflated it folds into the backpack and offers excellent rigidity at the indicated pressure.

It is also very impact-resistant and is not dangerous in the event of a fall. Always use the leash (lanyard that connects you to the board) as a matter of safety, even on calm waters. For the paddle, a height-adjustable model will be perfect.

SUP Accessories:

Remember to always carry a waterproof pouch with you: here you can put a bottle of water to hydrate yourself while going out and your mobile phone (you never know, just in case). You can slip it under the frontal elastic band.

Depending on the season, bring with you more or less warm clothing, which you can take off during your outing if necessary. Protect yourself from the glare of the sun on the water: sunscreen, hat and glasses will be enough.

Ideal weather to go SUP in Premantura (and everywhere):

It is essential to be well informed about the weather because it can change very quickly. The wind is the main enemy of the SUP especially when it blows in front of you. In Premantura in particular, when there is wind it is very difficult to go to the SUP. Be careful because it could prevent you to get back to the starting point.

Basics for SUP:

  • 1. First of all adjust the paddle according to height.
  • 2. Open the pin, extend your arm over your head and adjust the variable part so that the olive (handle) reaches the wrist. Then, close the pin.
  • 3. It is best to start by kneeling on the board. Start paddling on your knees and, when you feel comfortable, get up with your face facing the tip of the board, grabbing the paddle that you will have placed on the board in front of you.
  • 4. Stay central to the table.
  • 5. Keep your legs flexed and feet apart for good balance.
  • 6. Grab the paddle handle with one hand and the tube with the other.
  • 7. Start paddling by orienting the paddle opening forward.
  • 8. Try to immerse the paddle in the water as far as possible in front of you and take it out of the water when it will be close to your feet.

Here we are, you know how to go on the SUP, let’s go!

There are several ways to go SUP:

  • alone
  • with young children
  • in company

Going alone is for those who want to get lost in their own thoughts, then wander around aimlessly, or want to train or get rid of a hard day at work.

Remember that to go SUP you don’t need a lot of physical preparation but in any case, being an activity based on balance, it strengthens the whole “core” part, so it’s great for keeping fit.

Taking small children on the SUP is not a problem, of course they must know how to swim and in any case it is always better to equip them with a flotation jacket. While on the move, you’ll have them sit in the front and don’t be surprised if when they try to stand up and paddle they’ll be able to do it right away.

Going in company, on the other hand, is like going for a walk. There may be the moment of competition but finally you end up chatting, stopping and sitting by being lulled by the sea perhaps with a beer, exploring new places or even having a night out.

Night in SUP:

I love to leave in the evening after sunset, especially during evenings where the moon illuminates the sea. Better to go in company for safety reasons because there are no external noises. The landscape changes and you must feel the flow of the sea under your table to stay in balance.

With friends during these nights out we bring food and drink, sometimes we sit on the SUP and eat directly in the sea or we stop in some cove and then conclude the evening with a swim… it is always very suggestive.

Discovering the coasts of Premantura in SUP:

View of the Premantura coast

In Premantura you can explore:

  • The East coast
  • The South coast
  • The West coast

With all these bays reachable by car through the Premantura Park it is almost impossible not to go out with the SUP. However, before entering the water, you must always understand from which direction the wind and sea currents are pulling (let’s remember safety first of all).

East Coast:

Find out when and where to go sunrise stand up paddling in Premantura
East Coast

The East coast, with its bays of Skokovica, Portich, Debeljak and the islands of Trumbuja and Sekovac is the best area to go around in the early hours of the morning when the sun rises.

Here you can admire the best sunrises and, if you stay close to the camping area, you can see the boy from the bakery ride his bicycle, buy freshly baked donuts and eat them on the SUP (which is priceless with that view)!!

During the excursion you can stop in the various bays to quench your thirst and eat something, or just to take a break and rest under the trees.

  • Skokovica bay is ideal for those with children. In addition to the beach, there is a floating water park, a bar that prepares food and a sports equipment rental service (SUP, Windsurf, Kayak).
  • in the Portich bay there is the “Portich Beach Bar” here you can eat excellent burgers with potatoes.
  • in the bay of Debeljak there is the “Beach Bar Debeljak” this cove is one of the most beautiful in the park.

South Coast:

The South coast with Punta Kamenjak and its Sveti Mikula bays, Mala Kolumbarica is the most characteristic area for its high cliffs. From there you can dive or go inside some caves.

This is the wildest area, here you will find places where you can sunbathe on the cliffs and be completely alone.

  • in the westernmost area you will find the “Safari bar”. It is impossible to describe it because you have to see it, surrounded by reeds and straw it is the most suggestive bar in Premantura, excellent for an aperitif.

West Coast:

The West coast with its bays of Radovica, Toreta, Njive, Plovanije, Polje, Pinizule, Prisadi and the islands of Fenoliga and Porer with its lighthouse is the ideal area to see the sunset, have an aperitif and – why not – go out at night.

  • in the bay of Njive there is the “Njive Beach“, here beyond the beach there is a gazebo where they can have massages (excellent at sunset).
  • in the bay of Pinizule there is the “Pinizule Beach Bar“, an excellent bar for eating and drinking.

Then are you ready to take a SUP ride in Premantura?

Did you find out where and when to go SUP?

Come and spend a wonderful holiday in our “Villa Dolce Vita“, it is right next to the park and we also have a swimming pool!

Now we just have to leave together or meet at sea!!

Bye and have fun.

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