What to do when you arrive in Premantura.

First things to do when you arrive in Premantura for the perfect start to your holiday.

Hello, welcome!

It’s quite normal, as soon as you arrive in a new place you feel a little bit lost.

Don’t worry, Premantura is small and it’s impossible to get lost.

I truly hope I’ll be able to help you in your first step and, if you are a guest of Villa Dolce Vita, everything will be easier for you as you will receive all useful information directly “at home”.

First step on what to do when you get to Premantura.

I’ll list some places that will help you find your way quickly as soon as you arrive in Premantura.

It all depends on the time of arrival: if you are tired after a long journey, if you are hungry, if you are thirsty or if you want to leave immediately to explore the area without wasting time, you will surely need to know where these places are:

  • Information Office
  • Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Bakeries
  • Fruit and vegetable stalls
  • Bike rental and more

Information office in Premantura

There is the “Mareta” which acts as the tourist office. There you can get information brochures, book tours, or rent a bicycle, scooter or car.

Are you thirsty? Here are the “Bar in Premantura”

If you decide to go to a bar to quench your thirst in Premantura there are several. Probably the first you will see is the Vip Caffe as it is located in the center of the main square.

Other bars are nearby, all you need to do is have a stroll ti find them.

Remember that in bars you can also easily eat things you buy from other shops (foe example from bakeries or markets) while you quench your thirst with a fresh drink or coffee.

Are you hungry? Discover the “Restaurants in Premantura”

Within a few meters there are about ten restaurants.

If you are a guest of our Villa Dolce Vita the closets restaurant is da Giovanni, excellent value for money. The menu varies between meat, fish., pasta and pizza.

Behind the main square is the Poli Krivog taver: this is a very familiar place, you eat both meat and fish, the price is great and the owner is very nice.

You will also find the restaurant Konoba Ancora, Konoba Casa Mia. Premantura, Fra & Kat, Stellina and many others, you are spoiled for choice!

Outside each restaurant you will find find the menu with the price list… now you just have to choose what you prefer to eat!

Do we get some groceries? “Supermarkets in Premantura”

There are two small supermarkets in Premantura where you can find everything you need.

Traveling by car for about 5 Km, in Banjole, there is one a little bigger, the “Konzum“.

About 10 Km away, however, you are in Pula. On the street you will find supermarkets of different chais, among the most famous, as well as two shopping center the “City Mall“, where in addition to a huge supermarket of the Eurospar chain you will also find an infinite number of shops for all needs and the “Max City” with shops, restaurants and the cinema.

Do you want something tasty? Look for the ” bakeries in Premantura ”

Both in the center of the village and also around Premantura, there are some bakeries (Pekara), all are excellent. Here you will find both sweet and savory baked goods…it depends on your tastes.

Remember that you can bring anything to the bar, whether for your breakfast or for an aperitif. For us Italians is very important as we are used to eat while having a cappuccino or a drink buthere it is not so common, here you can just drink!

Quick shopping? The “stalls with fruit and vegetables in Premantura”

Scattered here and there you will find these stalls selling fruit and vegetables ideal for a quick grocery shopping or to take something to the sea.

Here you will find strictly seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Want to have fun? “Bicycle rental and more in Premantura”

If you haven’t brought your bicycle, don’t worry, in Premantura you will find all models, from muscular to electric.

Are you lazier? Rent a Quad, a Scooter or a Buggy.

Here are some places where you can rent them.

I hope I have said everything that could be useful for the perfect start to your holiday when you arrive in Premantura.

Holidays, you know, end quickly and knowing what to do will save you precious time.

Bye and have a good stay.


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