What to do with kids in Premantura.

Let’s find out together all the amazing activities for kids in Premantura.

Hello! If you have children and you want to come on holiday to Premantura do not worry, many families with children of all ages come here on holiday.

First of all you have to choose the right structure and our “Villa Dolce Vita” can suit you. Our villa, as well as offering you every comfort, it has a wonderful private pool, and we all know that kids go crazy over that.

In addition, about 100 meters from the Villa, there is a public garden with a children’s playground.

Kamenjak Park, a paradise for children.

If you get tired of the house, there is the Kamenjak Park. Come with us, we will take you to find out where to go and what to do.

You can enter the park comfortably by car for a fee (€ 10.00/15,00 per day depending on the season), while entering the park by bike is free and is much more fun! If your children are small and do not know how to ride a bicycle, you can load them on yours.

Where to take children to the Park in Premantura.

  • Beaches
  • Dinosaur trail
  • Farm

Search for the best “Beaches” for children in Premantura.

The beaches of Cape Kamenjak are really varied, all well marked by signs and connected by paths that allow you to reach every bay or hidden cove.

Most of the coast consists of small coves of stones and gravel protected by flat rocks where you can lie down to sunbathe. The sea is really clear with the waters that slope gently, so also suitable for children.

One of the most child-friendly beaches is Nijve beach.

It is a small pebble bay from which it is easy to access the water. All around just rocks, to the delight of adventurous.

Behind this beach there is a pine forest where children can go looking for pine cones, build huts with sticks, climb trees or enjoy a cool shade area.

Absolutely not to be missed is the “Safari Bar” located on the south coast of the peninsula. Go there, it’s beautiful! Many games for children very original, the swing, slide and much more all immersed in a jungle of reeds and straw.

Skokovica beach is also ideal because there is a floating water park. Both adults and children have fun here.

Another floating water park is located in the Stupice Arena campsite, access to the campsite on foot or by bicycle is free.

Visit the “Dinosaur Trail” in Premantura with children

In 2010, an educational and recreational path called “Kamenjak Dinosaur Trails” was created. Follow the directions of Grako, the park’s mascot dinosaur, to take the right path.

This attraction is located immediately after the entrance, on the right side of the peninsula.

The path is 600 meters long, you will find some life-size dinosaur reproductions with signs illustrating the characteristics and curiosities of prehistoric animals.

For children, the path of the dinosaurs is certainly very captivating, along a path marked by symbols on wooden signs you can meet these large life-size reproductions, up to the seaside where you will find real footprints left by the huge mammoth bipeds in the limestone banks and you can see them up close! Be careful because they are right by the sea!

The Dinosaur Trail can only be covered on foot or by bicycle.

Visit the “Istrian Farm” with children in Premantura.

Near the path of the dinosaurs there is an agritourism that is also a farm, the “Istrian Farm”.

The first thing you will hear as you approach the Istrian farm will be the braying of the donkeys and the cackling of the hens; you will also hear pheasants, ducks, and many other animals. You will also see Istrian parrots and oxen. The native Istrian ox, Boskarin, is greyish-white in colour and has long horns.

This place is unique and special, located near the Polje Bay. After taking a walk around the farm and seeing all these incredible animals that live there, you can stop in the olive grove or eat and drink something in the restaurant on the farm.

Useful tips for visiting Kamenjak Park with children.

  • Bring your shoes for the rocks as the beaches are made of pebbles and gravel.
  • Wear comfortable sneakers or trekking shoes, not slippers, if you want to go for walks or in any case if you are walking.
  • The beaches are not equipped. If you are looking for a shelter from the sun beyond the pine forests, you must bring a beach umbrella.
  • Bring bags to collect waste. Inside the park it is forbidden to dispose of garbage.
  • Respect the park rules and do not collect any plant or animal species.

5 minutes from Premantura is the “Jangalooz Adventure Park”.

On the way to Pomer is the “Jangalooz” adventure park (also known as “adrenaline park”) is a place that perfectly combines active outdoor fun with the right dose of adrenaline for a hint of euphoria. Immersed in a beautiful natural environment and ideal for all ages where you will have fun all members of your family, from the smallest to the largest.

I hope I gave you all the advice you needed and encouraged you to spend your holidays here with your children.

Now you just have to leave!

I wait for you and wish you a lot of fun.

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